Can Freudian analysis explain Kanye Wests anal fixation?

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Gold von Popbitch: „Can Freudian analysis explain Kanye West's anal fixation? You bet your bottom dollar…(via MeFi)

Stage 2: Anal

The second stage of Freud’s theory is the Anal Stage. Characterised by a change in focus from the mouth as the primary source of stimulation (feeding, sucking, biting, etc) to the anus and bladder (pissing, shitting, etc) – this is the point in the process where anal fixation can occur, and an anal-retentive or anal-expulsive personality can be forged.

Kanye’s third album, Graduation, was written and recorded smack bang in what would be considered the anal stage of his artistry – a stage which is supposed to take place between the ages of eighteen months and three years.

So what should we expect to see here? By Freud’s reckoning: a drop in use of expletives that refer to physical attributes, and an increase in expletives that refer to anal function.


Totally eclipsing every other word on the album – and absolutely in harmony with Freud’s theory – “Shit” suddenly starts being dropped with increased regularity; almost three times more frequently than the next most popular profanity.

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