Pics from a Sex-Doll-Factory

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Robert Benson fotografiert eine Sauteuresexpuppenproduktionsstätte: „Photographed sex dolls at RealDoll in San Marcos, California, where artists and other skilled craftsman make these custom $6500 products.“ I love the Nipple-Color-Chart. (via Boing Boing)

Aus ’nem Interview mit CNN:

During a shoot in April, Benson captured the process of making a single doll from mold to makeup, and he met the team of nine that produces 300-400 dolls a year. "Everyone was super passionate about what they're doing, and they take the work seriously," Benson said. "I guess the fascination wears off after a week and it becomes like any other job."

A single doll takes about 80 hours to make, starting with a silicone mold. After fingernails and nipples are shaped and painted, hair is added and makeup artists complete faces to a customer's specifications. Then the dolls are dressed and packaged in crates for shipping.

Noch mehr Sauteuresexpuppenproduktionsstätten auf Nerdcore: Feet with Vaginas in a male Sex-Doll-Factory, Inside a Real-Doll-Factory

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