Jeff Frosts Wildfire-Timelapse

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Jeff Frosts Timelapse-Clips sind immer noch eine der wenigen, die man sich ohne Hirnzellenschwund anschauen kann. Diesmal hat er sich mit der Kamera in Waldbrände in den USA geschmissen.

US wildfires burned 10 million acres in the US last year exceeding six billion dollars in costs, making it the most destructive annual natural disaster in the world. Fire Chasers plunges deeper into California wildfires than ever before with unprecedented access granted by CalFire and the breathtaking imagery of acclaimed film and photo artist, Jeff Frost.

Jeff Frost auf Nerdcore:
Jeff Frosts Modern Ruins: A Gigahyperlapsemegapearl
Timelapse from 300k Photos of Riots, Wildfires and Abandoned Houses

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