3.5" Floppy Disk with 118GB

128GB of storage space! That's 188,574 1.44 MB floppy disks! I need a 512GB SD card stat!

Youtuber Dr. Moddnstine upgraded an 1995 IBM-PC into a nice Machine from Hell with 16 Gigs of RAM, 4GHz Quad-Core and stuff. But that's by far not the best part. The most awesome detail is the modded Floppy Drive, which eats SD-Memory-Cards housed inside old 3.5"-Floppydiscs and expands their storage to whatever SD-Cards can hold, up to 512Gigs, which would be 754.296 old 1,44MB-Discs. WANT!

Pics from the Build on Imgur, here's a 20min-Clip of the Guy explaining his thing: