Codeology: 3D ASCII-Creatures from Code


Hübsches Projekt von BrainTree, eine Code-Visualisierung über die GitHub-API, oben der Linux Kernel von Linus Torvald. Die Farben werden durch die Programmiersprache bestimmt, Größe und Form des ASCII-Blobs durch die Menge an Code.

codeCodeology is an open-source project that reimagines code by bringing it to life visually. The combination of programming languages in each GitHub project determines its look: as no two pieces of original code are exactly alike, no two Codeology forms are either.

The application pulls data from GitHub’s public API and creates visuals using WebGL, ThreeJS, and GLSL Shaders. Shape and color represent an individual language, with size being proportionate to how many characters of code were written.