Captured: People in Prison drawing People who should be in Prison


Tolles Projekt von Jeff Greenspan und Andrew Tider, Captured (hier auf Facebook), ein Buch mit Illustrationen von Knackies, die Leute zeichnen, die eigentlich ebenfalls eingeknastet werden müssten. Überwiegend natürlich Chief Executive Obermufties (CEO) von Banken, aber auch Fußballdeppengangster Blatter, Ölfuzzis and natürlich Pharmahonks. Nice!

For over a year, we asked people in prison to paint or draw people we felt should be in prison–the CEOs of companies destroying our environment, economy, and society. Here are the results. Click on the images to see the crimes committed by both the companies and the artists.

All profits go towards efforts to elect Bernie Sanders as president. Holding corporations responsible for their crimes and reforming the criminal justice system are pillars of his campaign.

Ein paar Illus, von oben nach unten:
- CEO & VP of Koch Industries – The Koch Brothers (Charles and Cavid), Captured by Joseph Acker (Prison ID #15967538), serving 10 years for: Receiving stolen goods (1st degree), ID theft (altered passports, 2 counts), Felon in possession of body armor (1 count)
- Chairman of the Nestle Group: Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Captured by Charles Listo Vera (Prison ID #AI-6401), serving 19 years for: Attempted manslaughter
- CEO of ExxonMobil: Rex W. Tillerson, Captured by Brandon Meyer (Prison ID #11032-030), serving 10 years for: Possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime
- CEO of Monsanto: Hugh Grant, Captured by Walter Lego (Prison ID #T00705), serving 17 years for: Vehicular manslaughter
- CEO of General Motors: Mary T. Barra, Captured by Leslie Robinson (Prison ID #143219), serving 1-3 years (paroled mid-project) for: Retail theft (multiple counts)

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