Star Wars x Back To The Future

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Großartige Idee von Thirsty Bstrd, leider nur in LowRez und hingeschlampten Photoshops. Wer hat Video-Editing-Skills und macht das als Mashup-Trailer?

Mark Hammill auf Facebook:

What if Star Wars movies and Back to the Future were actually the same movie? What if the heroes of our youth Luke and Marty were the same person? That’s what french artist Thirsty Bstrd imagined through a series of photo montages.

It gives something like that: Luke McFly is sent back in time in a time machine built by «Doc» Obi-Wan Brown. Luke, with the help of young Obi-Wan, must repair the damage to history caused between his parents Anakin McFly and Lauren Amidala.

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Und, apropos Star Wars:

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