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UK-Newspaper Independent stops Print-Editions

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The End of Print, Part 26757: „The Independent and Independent on Sunday newspapers are to cease print editions in March, leaving only an online edition, the owner has said. […] At its peak sales hit around 428,000 copies a day. Twenty-five years later, the number of copies being sold on a weekday in newsagents is rather closer to 28,000.“ Mehr beim Independent: The Independent becomes the first [british] newspaper to embrace a global, digital-only future



Conversational Essay about Bot-Existence distributed as a Bot-Conversation

Kyle Chayka wrote a piece about that Bot-Hype and then it actually got very interesting: „It injects a cold dose of reality into the current…

Jeff Daniels goes back into „Newsroom“ on Trump

Jeff Daniels goes back into „Newsroom“ on Trump

I miss Newsroom. Jeff Daniels reprises his role as ACN’s Will McAvoy from “The Newsroom” to answer another question that sets him off. (Bloomberg)

Adblock goes Flattr

Interesting move: AdBlock Plus teams up with Flattr to help readers pay publishers and the model makes sense. [Insert snarky comment about AdblockPlus' lazy Freeriding-Strategy…

Obamas final White House Correspondents' Dinner 2016

Obamas final White House Correspondents' Dinner 2016

I'll miss this guy. Hier noch das Opening von Larry Wilmore, der wohl die anwesende Elite ein bisschen vor den Kopf stieß.


Problem, solved

Joshua Topolsky (Gründer von The Verge) auf Medium über DasGeileNeueInternet und auch (nicht nur so ein bisschen, wenn auch unbekannterweise) über die Publishing-Philosophie (uhhh) von…


Warum immer mehr Prominente sterben

Nach Bowie, Eco, Westerwelle, Genscher, Lustig, Minsky, Lemmy, Rickman und nun Prince stellt sich fast schon automatisch die Frage: Warum ist 2016 so ein Arschloch?…

The Dark Side of Guardian Comments

Der Guardian hat eine Studie zu seinen Comments in Auftrag gegeben. Das wenig überraschende Ergebnis: „As part of a series on the rising global phenomenon…

Social Media Uniformität und Like-Feedback-Loops

Eigenlob stinkt and I don't care: Freut mich ja immer, wenn Themen, an denen ich mich hier seit ein paar Jahren abarbeite, so langsam im…

Identity, performed

One of the better takes on the whole SJW/Clickbait/Outrage-Memetics-Issues: How hot takes drowned out journalism and ruined our Facebook feeds. As blogging platforms like LiveJournal…


Playboy for sale

Der Playboy gibt anscheinend sein komplettes Geschäft auf: „There are no confirmed financial details yet, but the entire Playboy company, mansion, and branding rights may…


Anamorphic Dead Media Skull made from Newspapers

„Print is dead.“ (Dr. Egon Spengler) Noah „Skulladay“ Scalin macht schon eine ganze Weile anamorphe Totenköpfe aus verstorbenen Medien. Vor drei Jahren fing er mit…