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Schöne Spielerei von Pete Ashton:

[Watchmen has a] rigid 9 panel grid which [means] all the panels [are] at the same ratio. The pages were sliced up into 2,429 panels and the resulting images sorted by brightness using ImagePlot. The resulting order was then rendered as a [now defunct] large webpage using javascript to fit the panels together in a neat grid and posted to Tumblr where it got a fairly good reception.

I have started recomposing the comic in the 9 panel grid and posting a page to the Watchmen by Brightness Tumblr every day. The last page will appear on March 22, 2016 at which point a PDF will be released and a printed copy made. The work highlights how narrative is ultimately constructed by the reader by making associations between juxtaposed images or phrases. It also calls back to cut-up technique and other surrealist approaches.

Finally, it nicely references the nature of Watchmen itself, where a main character, Dr Manhattan, is able to perceive all moments in time simultaneously and therefore rearrange reality to his choosing.

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