Stupid Shit no one needs Hackathon

Jede Menge neuer dämlicher Ideen vom diesjährigen Stupid Hackathon, meine Favorites sind die British Nanny Netflix („Replace all voices in Netflix with the voice of a British Nanny“) und der Soylent Dick („a phallus made out of Soylent that ejaculates Soylent when you type self-validating praise for Soylent into the browser“), der „NonAd Block“ („NonAd Block is a chrome extension […] that blocks all web content that isn't an ad“), Songs for the Trumpocalypse („A book of poetry, computationally generated from Donald Trump quotes“) und, für einen Stupid Shit Hackathon ganz schön gesellschaftskritisch, „Unfriend the Poor“: „Since Facebook patented using your friends to access your credit risk it is crucial that you unfriend any Poors on Facebook.“


Und natürlich YOUrinate, „a wearable PPC (Personal Pee Companion) that lets you know when you have to pee“. Letzteres gibt's tatsächlich in echt als ernstgemeinte Erfindung namens Dfree Smart Pants, die ihren Träger zum gegebenen Zeitpunkt daran erinnern, wenn sie kacken müssen. Stupid Shit no one needs halt.

Inside the Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon:

“Do you ever wish you knew when you had to pee?” Melanie Hoff, co-developer of YOUrinate, asked a crowd of engineers, artists and developers last weekend. Wrapped around her head was a sensor detecting how many sips of liquid she ingests and, around her waist, an unwieldy box with a speaker. Hoff took a few drinks of water. “Sip detected,” the device said. Sixteen seconds later: “It’s time to pee.”

Hoff was a participant in New York’s Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon, a one-day event where attendees are encouraged to develop redundant, worthless technologies. As inspiration for the wearable pee-detecting device, Hoff and her co-creators considered what basic tasks bodies are already very good at. Knowing when you need to pee, they determined, ­requires no elaborate hack. So over the next eight hours last Saturday, they rigged one up.