Leon Bridges – River

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Leon Bridges 2015er Album Coming Home (Spotify, iTunes) dürfte eins der besten des letzten Jahres sein. Seine Stimme transportiert wie keine andere derzeit den alten Soul der 60s und von dem grade mal 26jährigen Wunderkind dürften wir noch ganz viele ganz großartige Dinge hören. Jetzt haben sie dem Abschlußsong River des Albums ein grandioses Video spendiert. Ganz großes Kino.

Leon knows all too well that where there is darkness, light must someday come, no matter how dim. That faith is at the heart of the song's Miles Jay–directed video; as Bridges explains in a statement, "The river has historically been used in gospel music as symbolism for change and redemption. My goal was to write a song about my personal spiritual experience. It was written during a time of real depression in my life and I recall sitting in my garage trying to write a song which reflected this struggle ... I want this video to be a message of light. I believe it has the power to change and heal those that are hurting."

The video honors the unbelievable endurance of black lives, specifically those of Baltimore, where the video was filmed. You'll see footage from last year's uprising playing in Bridges' motel room, and a very real vigil for the slain.

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