Sarah Palin on Acid

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J4zqomcIGroßartiger Twitter-Bot von Gabe Ortiz: Sarah Palin gemasht mit den Drogenberichten auf Erowid. Ein paar meiner Favorites:

- Are you ready to make America great again? Well, I am underneath, in a liquid suspension.
- I was on stage nominated for VP, and I felt nothing much at first, other than the joint, you betcha
- As my legs began to liquidize and colours started to run for president, Drill, baby, drill into another dimension.
- I washed my hands of the establishment and the lamestream media, and they were imbued with broiling geometry and unutterable colours.
- So those of you, you hardworking Iowa families can I get a “Hallelujah!” anticipating my first changa bong hit.
- Right wingin’, bitter clingin’, proud clingers of a small, clear glass pipe, and the selfie-sticks, and the idea of matter.

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