60k-Dollar Water

Today I learned: There's a 60k-Dollar Water-Bottle, Water Somelier is an actual Job and this crap actually makes „6% of total global packaged water volume“, which is a lot. Wow.

Premium waters typically separate themselves from the average bottle through precisely calibrated pH levels and minerality, purity, and presentation. Then, there’s the ultra-premium options, like the $50 Iluliaq or the $99 Beverly Hills 9OH20 ‘Master Crafted Water,’ created by water sommelier Martin Riese.

To charge the top dollar, the water has to be marketed as having the ideal balance of elements, either due to purity or added ingredients. Iluliaq charges $50 for a 750ml bottle of “the purest water in the world,” from melting icebergs in Greenland. Priced at $28 for a 12-pack, Core Water emphasizes the importance of the perfect pH for achiving healthy hydration. Meanwhile, blk. takes a different approach, charging between $2 and $8 for a dark water enhanced with fulvic trace minerals.

Gize is all about filtration, charging $14.80 for a 750ml bottle of gold-filtered mineral water. That’s right — less than $15 for water that is literally filtered in gold.