Gay Trump Erotica-Subgenre

Elijah Daniel so vor zwei Tagen nachts auf Twitter: „i'm going to get drunk tonight and write an entire donald trump sex novel like 50 shades of grey & put it on amazon tomorrow i swear to god.“ And so he did: Trump Temptation: The Billionaire & The Bellboy.


The epic story that only took Daniel four hours (and a lot of white wine) to finish contains lines such as “I had to admit it, I wanted his geriatric 2006 Perez Hilton Jello body.” The pages surge with sexual desire and man-on-man action—and Trump’s hands are described as an “old gingerbread house.” It’s brash, it’s crude, it’s something Trump may not be able to avoid addressing.

In ’nem Interview mit Fusion spricht der junge Autor über seine Motivation: „I was drinking wine, and saw someone tweet that they wanted Bernie Sanders to fist them. And then somehow all the pieces just fell together—with the help of wine and marijuana.“ Und die Reviews sprechen für sich:


Die Story des Instant Porn-Classics basiert wohl irgendwie auf diesem Stück HuffPo-Clickbait und anscheinend etabliert sich da grade ein Gay Porn Trump-Erotica-Subgenre, weil: Humpin' Trump.