Pirating the Oscars 2016

Andy Baio hat seine jährliche P2P-Analyse der oscarnominierten Filme veröffentlicht:

piratingA group named Hive-CM8 released an incredible 15 screeners in the nine days between December 20-29, almost all nominated for Oscars: The Hateful Eight, Creed, Legend, In the Heart of the Sea, Steve Jobs, Joy, Concussion, The Danish Girl, Spotlight, Bridge of Spies, Spectre, Trumbo, Suffragette, The Big Short, and Anomalisa. They originally promised to release a total of 40 screeners, but stopped short either because of a security breach or a guilty conscience, depending on who you believe. As a result, screeners for fully half of this year's 32 nominated films have already leaked online.

The median number of days from a film's release to its first leak online was only nine days, the shortest window since 2008. […] More than a month before the ceremony, 97% of Oscar nominees have leaked online in DVD or higher quality, more than last year at this time.