Lemmys posthumous Milk Commercial

Es ist ein bisschen deprimierend, dass eine der letzten Aufnahmen von Lemmy ausgerechnet zu einem Werbespot für Milch (!) zustande kam. Das Leben ist eins der merkwürdigsten. Und der Tod offensichtlich auch. (via Ronny)

Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister is posthumously starring in an ad promoting milk filmed less than a month before he died. […] Hasan & Partners, the marketing agency that created the 40-second film for Finnish dairy giant Valio, said that the “Lemmy tribute” film had been “well received” by the frontman’s management.

The ad, a remake of a famous 20-year-old Finnish commercial, features Lemmy exiting a seedy bar stating “I have never drunk milk, and never will.” He then says “you asshole” and makes a wry smile.