Swiss Design in CSS

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Swiss in CSS is a homage to the International Typographic Style and the designers that pioneered the ideas behind the influential design movement.“


Website inside robots.txt

Netter Hack von Alec Bertram, eine Website in robots.txt: What's going on here: When parsing robots.txt files, search engines ignore…


Geocities Forever

Geocities Forever – neural network generated geocities pages von Herr Aanand. „Enabled Super-Clicks“! (via CreativeAI)


Average Webpage-Size is the same size as Doom-Installer

Milestone, sort of: The Web is Doom. (via Jack Marshall) I suggested that the average web page weight would equal…

Every fucking Bootstrap-Page

„Take a look around at the same fucking bootstrap page you've seen ten million times before! Featuring all the same…

The Website Obesity Crisis

Yes, this: „I contend that text-based websites should not exceed in size the major works of Russian literature.“


The User is my Mom: Parent-based UX-Design-Testing

Nach The User is drunk hier der Nachfolger mit Mutti. Leider nur mit eingeschränktem Service: „Can I pay your mom…

The User is drunk: Alcohol-based UX-Design-Testing

Richard Littauer ist UX-Designer und Developer und testet Websites. Betrunken: „Your website should be so simple, a drunk person could…


GNU Terry Pratchett HTTP-Header

In Terry Pratchetts Discworld gibt es die Internet-ähnlichen Clacks, und in seinen Romanen wird toten Clack Operators gedacht, in dem…

Happy 20th, Styles.css!

Heute vor 20 Jahren hat Håkon Wium Lie, heute CTO von Opera, am CERN die Stylesheets erfunden und uns vor…

Inventor of Popup-Banner is sorry. Also: Assfuckery.

Ethan Zuckerman hat das Popup-Banner erfunden, und es tut ihm schrecklich leid. Schönes Detail: Das erste Popup-Banner lief auf einer…