The expanding Online-Marketing Bullshit-Universe

Ich habe die vier Grafiken aus Maciej Ceglowskis hervorragendem Talk The Website Obesity Crisis (Video), die das explodierende Bullshitverse voller AdTech-Firmen zeigen, mal in ein einziges Bild zusammengebacken. Verdeutlicht die Bullshitsplosion noch viel eindringlicher. Die Grafik und der Teil seines Vortrags bezieht sich direkt auf sein Posting The Advertising Bubble:

The problem is not that these companies will fail (may they all die in agony), but that the survivors will take desperate measures to stay alive as the failure spiral tightens. These companies have been collecting and trafficking in our most personal data for many years. It's going to get ugly. The only way I see to avert disaster is to reduce the number of entities in the swamp and find a way back to the status quo ante, preferably through onerous regulation. But nobody will consider this.

The prognosis for publishers is grim. Repent! Find a way out of the adtech racket before it collapses around you. Ditch your tracking, show dumb ads that you sell directly (not through a thicket of intermediaries), and beg your readers for mercy. Respect their privacy, bandwidth, and intelligence, flatter their vanity, and maybe they'll subscribe to something.