Bad Father Han Solo haunts Emo Kylo Ren on the Tweeties

lukeEmo Kylo Ren auf den Tweeties kannte ich, Bad Father Han Solo („I can run from parental responsibility in less than 12 parsecs“), Very Lonely Luke Skywalker („I'm a hermit. I live by myself on this water planet. I don't need people. Really, I'm fine. Please don't leave me.“) und Arrogant BB8 („I'm the best thing from the new Star Wars movie and you know it“) nicht. (Seriously Internet? Arrogant BB8?)

Fehlen nur noch Mary Sue Rey („I beat your ass with a stick“), Good Guy Poe („I know I'm generic“), Confused Finn („I can do this, I can do this“) und Leia Looking At Screens („It's general, sucker!“). Oder so.