Nasal Apple-Interfaces and Nipple-IDs

Das WallstreetJournal über nasengesteuerte Apple Gadgets:

noseSometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. [… In an Online Survery,] 46% of the 1,040 respondents said they had used their nose as an 'input device'. […] Apple declined to comment on Apple Watch users’ nosy activity.

Hier der Teil über den jungen Mann, der sein iPhone mit der Nase entsperrt:

Mr. Hocking said he wears surgical gloves when tinkering with his motorcycle but keeps the instruction manuals on his iPhone. To access the manuals when wearing gloves, Mr. Hocking programmed his nose into the TouchID fingerprint sensor on his iPhone. Now, he unlocks the phone by resting his nose on the home button, then scrolls through the manuals using his beak.

Und dann die Nippel und Fuß-Fetischisten, Snip aus dem HackerNews-Thread:

You can also use toes, and if you want to get more weird: you can also use your nipple! Not only it can tell the difference between your and any other person's nipple, it can also tell the difference between your left and right nipples. Don't ask me how I know…