Ultimate Dragon Ninja Warrior Zombies vs Wu-Tang

24.12.2015 Misc Movies #KungFu

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Großartiger YT-Channel von WuTangCollection voller Trailer zu ollen Martial Arts-Schlocks und Trailern zu fantastrashigem Ninja-Crap. Hier ein Clip zu Ninja Terminator mit Shuriken vs Krabben:

Hier der Trailer zu Zombie Rivals:

Ethan, a young man, is beaten while his father is killed by a group of thieves. With the help of an undertaker, Ethan trains in kung fu by fighting the dead. Meanwhile, an American Ninja, Dragon, must fend off against the thieves and their ninja henchmen. It is soon that Dragon and Ethan team up to defeat the thieves and the ninjas.

Duel of The Ultimate Weapons:

Und hier der Original Shaolin and Wu Tang aus dem Jahr 1983

Master Liu and Master Law are rival masters of Shaolin style kung fu and Wu-Tang style sword fighting, running schools in the same city. Their top students, Chao Fung-wu (Adam Cheng) and Hung Jun-kit (Gordon Liu), are actually close friends, with Jun-kit's sister, Yan-ling, having a crush on Fung-wu. After observing the two students fighting at a brothel, two of the local Qing Lord's (Wang Lung Wei) soldiers report the power of the styles to him. The Lord determines that the two styles are dangerous and that he must learn both.

After poisoning Master Law and having Yan-ling killed, the Qing Lord is able to learn both Wu-Tang Sword style and Shaolin Chin kang fist from a spy. Fung-wu and Jun-kit both return to their respective temples for training as a priest and a monk, respectively. Jun-kit hopes to avenge his sister's death, and Fung-wu wants to avenge his master's death.