The Tamagotchi Singularity


Herr Jeroen Domburg hat einen AI-gesteuerten Tamagotchi-Hive aus ’nem XKCD-Comic nachgebaut, hier die simulierten Tamagotchis (die pennen grade alle). Snip von Spritesmods:

[…] the webcomix xkcd ran a strip called 'The Tamagotchi Hive'. It basically describes a sort of Matrix, but for Tamagotchis: a lot of Tamagotchis are being cared for by an artificial intelligence, then networked so they can live in some sort of virtual world and be happy.

There is a rule of sorts on the Internet, saying that most XKCD comics that can be implemented in real life, will be implemented in real life. There are a fair few examples of that already. I decided that now was my chance to be the one to do it.