Software-Glitch releases 3200 Prisoners

Seit Jahren berechnet ein Bug in der Software der Strafvollzugsbehörde die Anrechnungen von Guter Führung auf Haftstrafen falsch und in der Folge wurden 3200 Gefängnisinsassen zu früh entlassen. Machines of loving Grace.

For three years, state Department of Corrections staff knew a software-coding error was miscalculating prison sentences and allowing inmates to be released early. On Tuesday, Gov. Jay Inslee gave the damning tally: up to 3,200 prisoners set free too soon since 2002.
The problem stemmed from “good time” credits applied to certain prison sentences, and was discovered, according to the Corrections Department, only after a victim’s family alerted officials in 2012 that they might be planning to release an offender too early. Once the broader problem was discovered, a scheduled software fix got caught up in repeated IT delays, yet to be explained.