Come Together with The Beatles and Friends

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Jeff Drew aka The Quick Brown Fox masht die Beatles mit so ungefähr allem.


Der Mann hatte vor ein paar Jahren auch mal ein paar Beasties-Remix-Alben am Start, die sind mittlerweile aber alle längst offline. Also hat er sie in neue Soundcloud-Accounts gepackt: QBF Beasties Remixed und Quick Brown Fox Remixes.

Hier die Tracklist zu dem Teil oben:

Contains elements of "Come Together" by:
George Benson - 1970 album "The Other Side of Abbey Road"
The Supremes - 1970 album "New Ways But Love Stays"
Ike and Tina Turner - 1970 album "Come Together"
Gladys Knight & the Pips - 1975 album "A Little Knight Music"
Brothers Johnson - 1976 album "Look Out for #1"
Soundgarden - 1989 album "Hands All Over"
The Isley Brothers - 1989 album "Spend the Night"
The Meters - unreleased, previously recorded cover on the 2001 album "Kickback"
101 Strings Orchestra - 2004 album "Best of the Beatles"

Contains elements of "Here Comes the Sun" by:
We Five - 1970 album "Catch the Wind"
Peter Tosh - 1970 cover later released on 2004's "Can't Blame the Youth"
Nina Simone - 1971 album "Here Comes the Sun"
Richie Havens - 1971 album "Alarm Clock"
Koto Ensemble -1981 "The Beatles"

Contains elements of "Day Tripper" by:
Nancy Sinatra - 1966 album "Boots"
Ramsey Lewis - 1966 album "Wade in the Water"
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - 1966 album "Herb Alpert presents Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66"
Jose Feliciano - 1969 album "Alive-o! Live at London Palladium"
Mongo Santamaria - 1969 album "All Strung Out"
Koto Ensemble -1981 "The Beatles"

Contains elements of "Dear Prudence" by:
Ramsey Lewis - 1968 album "Mother Nature's Son"
Leslie West - 1975 album "The Great Fatsby"
The Jerry Garcia Band - "Live 1990"
Graham Central Station - 2001 album "The Jam: The Larry Graham & Graham Central Station Anthology"
Alanis Morissette - 2003 album "Unreleased and Unleashed"
Tok Tok Tok - 2010 album "Revolution 69"

Contains elements of "Baby You're a Rich Man" by:
The Living Guitars - 1968 album "San Franciscan Nights"
Brian Sands - 1979 album "Reheated Chocolate Tangos"
Umphrey's McGee - 2006 - Live performance at Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tennesee
Abbey Road Troubadours - 2009 album "Groovy Jazz Songs of the Beatles"
Emily Zuzik - 2011 album "Beatles Complete On Ukulele"
Pharmatronik - 2011 album "Aurora"

Contains elements of "Drive My Car" by:
Black Heat - 1975 album "Keep on Runnin'"
Bobby McFerrin - 1988 album "Simple Pleasures"
Ben From Corduroy - 2008 album "Fab Guiro"
Cadence - 2008 album "Frost Free"
Zeus - 2011 album "Voice Versa"
Willy Chirino - 2013 album "My Beatles Heart"

Contains elements of "Don't Let Me Down" by:
Harry J. and the Allstars - 1970 album "Trojan Instrumentals Box Set"
Charlotte Dada - 1971 - recorded in Ghana
Annie Lennox - 1992 live performance included on "Walking on Broken Glass"
Stereophonics - 2001 album "I Am Sam Soundtrack"
The Persuasions - 2002 album "The Persuasions Sing the Beatles"
Planta de Raîz - 2005 album "Album Verde - A Tribute to the Beatles"

Contains elements of "Rain" by:
Petula Clark - 1966 album "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love"
Humble Pie - 1975 album "Street Rats"
The Jam - 1977 album "Direction, Reaction, Creation"
Polyrock - 1981 album "Changing Hearts"
Gregg Allman - 1989 album "Dreams"
U2 - Live performance included on "The Golden Unplugged Bootleg Album"
Wang Chung - 2012 album "Revolver"

Contains elements of "Cry Baby Cry" by:
Ramsey Lewis - 1968 album "Mother Nature's Son"
Freedom - 1970 album "Freedom at Last"
Throwing Muses - 1991 b-side single "Not Too Soon"
Katie Melua - 2006 maxi-single "Spider's Web"
Zee Avi - 2009 album "YouTube Sessions"

Contains elements of "A Hard Day's Night" by:
Diana Ross and the Supremes - 1964 album "The Supremes - A Bit of Liverpool"
Peggy Lee - 1964 album "In the Name of Love"
Ramsey Lewis - 1964 live performance on the album "In Person 1960-1967"
Ella Fitzgerald - 1965 album "Ella in Hamburg"
Katja Ebstein - 1969 album "The In-Kraut: Vol 3"
Johnny Littrell - 1971 album "Act Naturally"
Banda Plastica De Tepetl - 1993 album "Adios a los Beatles"
101 Strings Orchestra - 2009 album "101 Strings Orchestra Plays the Beatles"

Contains elements of "When I'm 64" by:
Keith Moon - 1976 album "All This and World War II"
Bison Chips - 1999 album "Party in Your Pants"
David Grisman, John Hartford & Mike Seeger - 1999 album "Retrograss"
Erich Kunzel - 2000 album "Erich Kunzel & The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra Perform Music of the Beatles"
The Del McCoury Band - 2008 album "Moneyland"
C3 Singers - 2012 - A Children's Choir made up of 4-8 year olds, directed by Brian VanderArk of "The Verve Pipe" (Youtube)

Contains elements of "Get Back" by:
Clarence Reid - 1969 album "Dancing With Nobody but You, Babe"
Dizzy Gillespie - 1970 album "Cornucopia"
Ike and Tina Turner - 1971 album "Workin' Together"
Rod Stewart - 1976 album "All This and World War II"
Billy Preston - 1978 album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"
John Pizzarelli - 1998 album "John Pizzarelli Meets the Beatles"
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - 2004 album "Welcome to Woody Creek"

Contains elements of "Revolution" by:
The Head Shop - 1969 album "The Head Shop"
The Grateful Dead - 1985 Live performance
Phish - 1994 Live performance
Soulive - 2010 album "Rubber Soulive"

Contains elements of "Across the Universe" by:
Cilla Black - 1970 album "Sweet Inspiration"
David Bowie - 1975 album "Young Americans"
Cyndi Lauper - 1989 "Unreleased / Across the Universe"
Fiona Apple - 1998 "Pleasantville Soundtrack"
Lydia - 2003 album "El Disco De La Musica De Los A"
The John Butler Trio - 2004 album "What You Want"
Phosphorescent - 2010 album "Mojo Magazine's Let it Be Revisited"

Contains elements of "We Can Work it Out" by:
Petula Clark - 1966 album "My Love"
Deep Purple - 1968 album "The Book of Taliesyn"
Stevie Wonder - 1970 album "Signed, Sealed & Delivered"
Humble Pie - 1975 album "Street Rats"
The Four Seasons - 1976 album "We Can Work it Out"
Chaka Khan - 1981 album "What Cha' Gonna Do for Me"
Phil Kaeggy & PFR - 1995 album "Come Together: America Salutes the Beatles"
Pieces of 8 - 2003 album "Hook, Line & Sinker"
Feist - 2007 album "Singles and Duplicates" Live performance
The Slackers - 2009 album "Lost & Found
Dumbfoundus - 2012 album "Undercover Brotherz"

Contains elements of "I've Got a Feeling" by:
Billy Preston - 1970 album "Encouraging Words"
The Fifth Dimension - 1975 album "Earthbound"
Pearl Jam - 1993 album "Rarities - Live in USA"
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad - a fictional band covered this song in the 2004 Japanese anime and manga Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad and it was released on their self-titled album.
Tesla - 2007 album "Real to Reel"
Rudy Rotta Band - 2008 album "The Beatles in Blues"
The Besnard Lakes - 2010 album "Mojo Magazine's Let it Be Revisited"
Junior League Band - 2010 album "Jelly Roll"

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