Algo-Poetry Generation Month

Ich klicke mich grade durch die Ergebnisse des Novel Generation Month, tonnenweise interessanter Kram dabei, hier ein paar meiner Favorites:

The Cover of The Sun Also Rises (hier auf Github): Das Cover von Hemingways Fiesta abfotografiert, der Code analysiert das Bild des Covers dann Pixel für Pixel und gibt deren Farben als Namen aus: „Brass. Brass. Brass. Brass. Brass. Brass. Brass. Brass. Brass. Drab. Drab. University of California Gold. Brass. Brass. Dark tan. Dark tan. Dark tan. Brass. Raw umber. Raw umber. Coffee. Dark brown. Olive Drab #7. Seal brown. Olive Drab #7. Olive Drab #7. Bistre. Bistre. Café noir. Raw umber.“

Socrates and Aristotle are Fighting Again: Generative Socratic Dialogues (Github): „SOCRATES: You do not understand. ARISTOTLE (interrupting): Ontological holism in quantum mechanics?“

Alphabetical Order (Github): Zeilen aus Büchern des Project Gutenberg, die keine alphanumerischen Zeichen enthalten, nach Alphabet sortiert, ergibt eine weirde Landschaft gezeichnet aus Absatz-Trennungen, Bestandteilen von Infografiken und ASCII-Kram. Toll!


The Psychotherapy Of Racter Or The Descent Into Madness Of Dr. Eliza: Dialog zwischen den Künstlichen Intelligenzen/Chatbots Racter und Eliza: „+Hello, I'm Racter. You are? +>Eliza +Hello, Eliza. I believe you're interviewing me.“

Dada 2.0: Generierter Meta-Artikel über den Novel Generation Month: „While open to anyone and, as in NaNoWriMo, governed by the single constraint that submissions contain at least 50,000 words, NaNoGenMo is gradually defining itself as a cohesive artistic movement that uses algorithms to experiment with literary form.“

MOBY DICK; or, THE CYBERWHALE (Github): „Call me CyberIshmael. Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little or no cryptocurrency in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me offline, I thought I would launch about a little and see the nety part of the matrix.“

Exhausting a joke: In XKCDs Comic 1609 wird behauptet, man könne alle Essens-Kombinationen zusammen mit dem Satz „You know what's actually really good?“ schmackhaft machen. This thing goes all the way.

Cyberpunk Corporation Generator (Github): Eher ein Cyberpunk Cultural-Item Generator, oder whatever: „Corporate Virtues in Left Hand, This podcast was written by Sheldon, a private detective. Sheldon 'disappeared' under unusual circumstances. In 2025, wealthy philanthropists formed a 'nonprofit corporation' called Left Hand, dedicated towards disseminating Executive Office. Left Hand is a decentralized entity with each branch of the corporation acting autonomously. The Administrator serves as a neutral arbitrator who settle disputes within the corporation.“

The Deserts of the West: A travel guide to unknown lands: Fantasy-Map-Generator mit Wegbeschreibungen.

405 Love Letters: Christopher Stracheys (Turing-Kollege) Algo-Liebesbriefe in Python und mit mehr Weirdness:


Encyclopedia Of The Useless, zweiteiliger Unsinn mit Words of the Useless („ a script that generates new english words by combining various prefixes and suffixes, and try to form definitions of these newly created terms“) und Numbers of the Useless („a script that generates the name of numbers with the length of 50'000 characters. It uses various extensions of the short word form, and ISQ inspired names, to create the names of numbers which have never previously been catalogued“).

Automisationily: In what manner or process of one bad.
Cosmsyescencecide: Act of killing state or processing the universe together.
Selfmortcideily: In what manner act of killing or by itself, death.
Ferdynletoid: Resembling version of bear energy.
Selfcyclhoodtroby: Nourishment condition for ring.
Gramhydrtudeic: Characterized by written liquid.
Fidcardiboneity: Quality of sound from faith.
Forpolierist: A person more completely city.
Toxbytitearium: Follower poison plant.
Centblastbileian: Relating to one who loves hundred primitive.