HTTP-Censorship-Error 451

451Vor drei Jahren hatte Google Mitarbeiter Tim Bray die Idee, einen HTTP Status Code nach dem Zensur-Klassiker Fahrenheit 451 des damals verstorbenen Ray Bradbury zu benennen. Sein Vorschlag eines HTTP 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons ist seit dem 17. Dezember offiziell abgenickt, es fehlt nur noch die formale Zustimmung der Internet Engineering Steering Group. (Bis dahin hilft immer noch ein bisschen HTACCESS-Voodoo.)

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has finally created a standard for when a page has been taken down due to legal reasons. The new status code, 451, indicates that a host has received a legal demand to deny access to a resource.

This status code was added to help add “transparent operation” to the internet, and responses using error 451 should also include a explanation in the body including details of the legal demand, who made it and what legislation it related to, for example:

HTTP/1.1 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons
Link: ; rel=”blocked-by”
Content-Type: text/html

Unavailable For Legal Reasons

This request may not be serviced in the Roman Province
of Judea due to the Lex Julia Majestatis, which disallows
access to resources hosted on servers deemed to be
operated by the People’s Front of Judea.