DJ Food mixes The Rammellzee

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Ninja Tune haben in den letzten Tagen und Wochen ein paar großartige Mixe aus ihrer Solid Steel-Radioshow online gestellt, einen neuen Coldcut-Mix zum 25. Geburtstag etwa und der hier von Modeselektor. Mein Favorite: DJ Foods Rammellzee-Tribute.


DJ Food takes a chronological trip through Rammellzee's intricate, confusing, yet always unique recording career as a new exhibition of artwork celebrating his Cosmic Flush album opens in London. Starting with the classic 'Beat Bop' you can hear the evolution of styles through the decades which show that Ramm was in there sowing the seeds of his Gothic Futurism and Iconoclast Panzerism theorums. Through his 80s Hip hop output, 90s collaborations and 00s return and the final album before his untimely death in 2010, it's all here. It's not always an easy ride, you either followed him or got off the bus, but for those willing to stay on board there was no one else who drove quite like this.

Miles Davis - He Loved Him Madly (Columbia)
Rammelzee versus K-Rob - Beat Bop (Tartown / Profile)1982
K-Rob reveals the truth about Beat Bop (Part I+2) (Crane RTW online interview)
Rammellzee & Toxic C1 - Intro @ the Rhythm Lounge 1984
Slinky Gym School feat. Rammellzee - Crazy Sneaker (WEA)1984
Rammellzee & Shock Dell with The Grand Mixer DST - Rammellzee & Shock Dell at The Amphitheatre (Wildstyle Soundtrack / Animal Records) 1983
The Issac Jackson show - The Messages (excerpts) (Tellus Tools) 1982
Death Comet Crew - At The Marble Bar (Beggars Banquet) 1985
Death Comet Crew - Exterior Street (Beggars Banquet) 1985
Ghettovetts - Death Command (4th & Broadway / Island) 1988
Ghettovetts - Gangster Lean (4th & Broadway / Island) 1988
skit. Weapons (Gamma Proforma)
UNKLE - Rock On (Original/ Nut Cracker mix) (Mo Wax)1997
--- Gothic Futurism MoWax interview 1995
Material - No Guts No Galaxy (Palm Pictures / Axiom) 1999
Material - Hisstory (Palm Pictures / Axiom) 1999
New Flesh For Old feat. Rammellzee - His Stories Crockery (Big Dada) 2002
Part 2 - Rammellzee 1960-2010 (Atom Rooms film)
The Rammellzee - Here We Go (Tri-Eight Records ) 2003
The Rammellzee - I Be Ramm-Ell-Zee-Zee (Tri-Eight Records ) 2003
Ramm - Cheesy Lipstick (Gomma) 2003
SSTV/BBL WORLD- THE RAMM:ELL:ZEE (Japanese chat show)
New Flesh For Old feat Rammellzee - Mack Facts (Big Dada) 2002
The Rammellzee Vs. K-Rob - Beat Bop Part 2 (Gomma) 2004)
Praxis - Garbage Gods (Columbia Music Ent.) 2008
Praxis - Caution (Columbia Music Ent.) 2008
skit Who The Hell I Am? (Gamma Proforma)
Rammellzee - Brainstorm (Divine Styler remix) (Gamma Proforma) 2015
Rammellzee - How's My Girlfriends (Gamma Proforma) 2015
Rammellzee - Crayzay (Gamma Proforma) 2015
Rammellzee - Brainstorm (Gamma Proforma) 2015
Rammellzee - Fight My Fire ( Edan mix) (Gamma Proforma) 2015
Rammellzee - Paint To Pave The Road (Gamma Proforma) 2015


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