Texts from Literary Characters

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Großartige Serie von The Toast: Texts from Literary Characters. „Holy shit this is going to change poetry forever“. (via MeFi)

Texts from H.P.Lovecraft:

what is it?
my God man, what’s wrong?
what’s happened?
what’s wrong?

I see
broadly speaking

that seems like an enormously broad reading of the process of evolution

Texts from Charles Bukowski:

in my next life I want to be a cat
to sleep 20 hours a day and wait to be fed

you do that already
sometimes i have to wait to get drunk

Texts from Hieronymus Bosch:

i made another painting
what’s this one called
“Cutting the Stone”
okay that sounds –
here it is


the stone is inside of his skull and driving him mad
so they have to cut it out of his brain

i see
why is the woman wearing a book on her head, though
well it was either put the book there or give it scissor-feet and show it eating pig-babies in the background
do you think i should have given it scissor-feet?
i’ll repaint it

no i think the book looks great where it is
very normal place for a book

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