Force Awakens-Trailers, quantified

Tolle Spielerei von Quartz, eine Analyse mit Interactive Wizardjizz zu jedem Shot aus den Star Wars-Trailern. (Noch 8 Tage bis Premiere. NOCH 8 TAGE!)


To get a better sense of how Disney has built anticipation for this seventh installment of the Star Wars series, and just to geek out about the movie, we studied every shot from the dozen promotional spots. Our analysis reveals how the trailers frequently repeat scenes while parsing out bits of new material to generate attention. The cadence of fresh and reused clips has formed a brilliantly effective marketing campaign ahead of the film’s release. […]

Overall, 28% of screen time has been spent on shots that are totally black or title cards. Each trailer has featured at least one new scene, but newer trailers have been re-using more footage.[…]

We found that 502 individual clips have been featured, 114 of which were black or titles. The average length of a clip across all the trailers released so far was just 1.6 seconds, and only 1.5 seconds if you exclude all the black screens. (Some clips were so short you’d easily miss them if you blinked.) That’s faster than even Han Solo can do the Kessel Run.

Ich hab’ Teile der interaktiven Infografik dort mal in einem Bild zusammengeshoppt:


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