Today in Virtual Reality Rectum-Experiences

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Christopher Trout hat sich für Engadget bei den VR-Pornofilmern von umgesehen. Der Text ist so joa-doch-interessant und dann landet er in Ella Novas Rektum: „I thought I'd seen everything until I saw inside Ella Nova's anus.“

recI put the headset on and I'm immediately greeted by a close-up of Ella's ass. It doesn't look like it did in person. This time, the lens's fisheye effect makes her butt look inflated, almost cartoon-like. As I prepare to dive in, I can hear the clinking of silverware as my lunch mates finish their veggie lasagna and salmon. I feel the snugness of the headset and the plush warmth of its foam against my face. I'm here and yet I'm there. And then all of a sudden I'm in her ass.

And I don't mean my penis or my fingers or even my fist. I mean I'm inside her ass. Or at least, that's the way it feels. I realize that I was wrong. I haven't seen everything. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if I've seen anything at all. You can't see Ella's lunch, as Ariel's put it. Quite the opposite. It's like being inside of a womb or a particularly immaculate throat, all gently pulsating, mucus-y pink flesh.

Ich gehe sehr davon aus, das wir jede Menge First-Person-Penetration-VR-Pornos sehen werden, die natürlich allesamt auf Charles Bukowskis Shortstory Six Inches basieren, in der ein Miniaturtyp als lebender Dildo die Mumu einer riesigen Dame penetriert: „Sarah picked me up and placed me down between her legs, which she spread open just a bit. Then I was facing a forest of hair. I hardened my back and neck muscles, sensing what was to come. I was jammed into darkness and stench. I heard Sarah moan. Then Sarah began to move me slowly back and forth.“ Und überhaupt: Endoscopy-VR!

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