Robo-Drawing new Geodata on vintage Maps


Tolle Arbeiten von Quadrature mit alten Maps: Ihr Kartograph malt neue geographische Daten auf altes Kartenmaterial und zeigt so die Veränderungen der Infrastruktur, in Satelliten zeichnet ein Plotter die Wege von, nun ja, Satelliten in alte Atlanten. Dazu dann noch das Bldgblg-Posting über die „Narben“ alter Infrastruktur in der aktuellen Kartographie von L.A., Ghost Streets of Los Angeles. (via Creative Applications)

For a long time, maps and atlases used to be one of the only sources for geographical knowledge. Now the paths of the satellites start to form on top of the familiar neighbourhoods, thus setting the normally invisible traffic in relation to our usual habitat. But as time passes the lines of the satellites will obliterate the well-known streets and cities, overwriting not only the information the map originally contained but as well the marks left by the preceding satellites. In the long run only a black square will be left, it is the remains of this rather parasitic machine: a temporal window, showing the seemingly arbitrary but highly structured activities in lower earth orbit.