Raspberry Pi in a C64

Tynemouth Software bastelt RaspberryPies in Gehäuse alter Rechner und verticken die auf Etsy. Gibt's als C64, Plus4, ZX Spektrum, AtariXE und noch ein paar mehr. I want all of them. (via Boing Boing)


Travel back to the 1980's with this original 'Bread Bin' style Commodore 64 converted to work as a fully functional USB keyboard with a Rasperry Pi installed within.

Inside I have a custom keyboard controller board which transforms the C64's keyboard into a USB keyboard. The keyboard is connected to a Raspberry Pi, with its HDMI port. LAN and 3 USB ports accessible externally. I can customise the layout to your requirements, and have the SD card externally accessible or the audio and composite video instead, additional USB ports, USB joystick ports, or a number of other options.