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Panoramic SuperMario on a 8-Projector-NES

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Schickes Ding der Technischen Hochschule Zürich: Ein NES, das Sidescroller mit 8 Projektoren als Panorama an die Wände beamt. (via Ars Technica)

We propose a hardware and software system that transforms 8-bit side-scrolling console video games into immersive multiplayer experiences. We enhance a classic video game console with custom hardware that time-multiplexes eight gamepad inputs to automatically hand off control from one gamepad to the next. Because control transfers quickly, people at a large event can frequently step in and out of a game and naturally call to their peers to join any time a gamepad is vacant.


Video from the game console is captured and processed by a vision algorithm that stitches it into a continuous, expanding panoramic texture, which is displayed in real time on a 360 degree projection system at a large event space. With this system, side-scrolling games unfold across the walls of the room to encircle a large party, giving the feeling that the entire party is taking place inside of the game's world. When such a display system is not available, we also provide a virtual reality recreation of the experience. We show results of our system for a number of classic console games tested at a large live event. Results indicate that our work provides a successful recipe to create immersive, multiplayer, interactive experiences that leverage the nostalgic appeal of 8-bit games.



WASD 9 is here: Once Upon A Game

Das beste Spielemagazin Deutschlands hat eine neue Ausgabe am Start, in der neunten Ausgabe mit dem Titel Once Upon A Game des Bookazins WASD geht's…

Moshpit Simulator VR

Moshpit Simulator VR

VR will be weird: Moshpit Simulator von Sos Sosowski.


666 in Dooms Soundtrack-Spectrogram

Reddit: The numbers 666 appear in DOOM's soundtrack in a spectrogram.


Invisible Programming Language

Well played: „I've decided to dial up the crazy a notch and make a completely invisible programming language! I named it Anguish and, based on…


Blockchain-Fonds DOA: Investment-Code

An der Börse investierende Algorithmen waren vor vier Jahren noch Kunst, heute geht nun der „Decentralised Autonomous Organisation“-Fonds an den Start. NZZ: Blockchain – Ein…


SpaceX Falcon 9 Drone Ship Landing – POV-Video

Amazing Clip showing SpaceX' Falcon 9 Drone Ship-Landing (third one in this case) shot with Onboard-Cam.


Kowloon Arcade Walkthrough

In Japan gibt es (natürlich) eine Kowloon-Walled-City-themed Arcade-Halle. BeatdownBoogie waren dort uns sind mit einer Kamera durchgelatscht: Und apropos Abandoned Krams und Arcade: Vor ein…

200 Terabyte Math-Proof

Ich dachte, ich hätte hier mit meiner fast 1GB großen NC-Datenbank ein ziemlich stattliches Datenmonster angehäuft. Fuck that. Introducing: The Keyser Soze of Math Two-hundred-terabyte…



Pixelsynth (Code auf Github), nettes Spielzeug von Olivia Jack mit dem man Sounds aus Bildern erzeugen kann. I sound weird.


Neural Network dreams of electric Blade Runners

Terence Broad hat ein Neural Network auf die ersten 10 Minuten von Bladerunner trainiert. (via CreativeAI) A frame by frame reconstruction of the first 10…


Science: Wie Künstliche Intelligenzen die Menschheit zerstören könnten

Aus einem amüsanten Paper von Federico Pistono und Roman V. Yampolskiy von der Uni Louisville: Unethical Research: How to Create a Malevolent Artificial Intelligence (PDF).…