Deep Forger: Art-Imitating Twitter-Bot


Deep Forger, ein Twitter-Bot, der per Twitter-Mention eingeschickte Bilder mit einem in Kunstgeschichte trainierten Neural Network im Stil berühmter Maler „nachmalt“. Ein AI-gestützter Photoshop-Filter quasi. Erinnert natürlich sehr an Neuro Style und ich tippe mal darauf, dass der Tweetie-Bot auf demselben Code basiert. (via New Aesthetics)

CVSwYtYWIAAynGb@DeepForger (a Twitter bot by @alexjc) that paints your photos using techniques from famous artists. It’s still alpha and we’re aiming to make this process as smooth as possible, but you’ll still need to supervise and sometimes help guide the process…

1- First, look at the best forgeries so far by browsing through favorites (these are manually curated), and see what combinations work for you.
2. To create a forgery, send a Tweet directly to @DeepForger and *attach* your photo. By default, the bot will try to surprise you with a semi-random style!
3. There’s a queue but you can get a priority boost by Following the bot, or posting another Tweet linking to your original submission (aka. “Quote RT”).

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that the artistic process is often based on iteration and incremental improvement, so it may take you 2 or 3 attempts to get what you want!

Das ganze klappt natürlich mal besser, mal schlechter, je nach Quellmaterial und man sieht den Texturen der gefilterten Bilder immer ihren algorithmischen Ursprung an. Noch.