CNC'ed Vinyl Records


Schönes Noise-Projekt von The Constitute: Für ihre Live-Performance Shades of Grain haben sie Drone-Ambient und Noise mit einer CNC-Fräse auf Platten gebohrt. (via Ronny)

Shades of Grain is an audiovisual performance using cnc machined phonograph records and high contrast monochrome projections. Grinding drone and noise soundscapes meet grainy black and white visuals. […] The Droneplates have been cnc machined out of various materials. There are two different types of plates: loops and tunes. The loops repeat a certain noisey beat into a deep and mesmerizing mood. The longer the loop runs, the grainier it gets through the abrasion of the material.

The tunes have been made possible with the laser cut records framework from Amanda Ghassaei. By these wonderful bits of code we were able to transform wav. files in spiral vector curves to cnc route them in the next step. We used laser cutters and milling machines to explore the sonic capabilities of different processes and materials. Though many approaches failed, a few of them came out really well and have been included in the live set that we played on the 3rd of october as support act for The Bug.

Das Ergebnis gibt's mit Video und auf Soundcloud: