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12.11.2015 Misc Music #DJ-Mix

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Ich komm’ grade sehr auf einen Sound-Collage-Trip, auch weil ich grade ’nen Mix vorbereite und mich dafür durch tonnenweise alter und neuer, obskurer und mainstreamiger Mucke höre. Ich weiß auch noch gar nicht, ob ich den komplett in Traktor ineinanderschieben werde, deshalb schaue ich mir grade die LMMS-Software an, hab’ aber noch genau keinen Plan davon. Hier jedenfalls drei Alben (und ’ne Single), die ich in den letzten Tagen runtergeladen habe:

Den Sorte Skole – Indians & Cowboys: Irres Teil, erinnert mich spontan an Future Sound of London, aber ganz anders. Tausend Samples aus aller Welt, abgeschmeckt mit ’ner Prise fieser Beats.

From middle-eastern dancehall madness, freaky jazz experiments and heavy dub psychedelics to beautiful piano trips, dark machine raids and spaced-out tribal traumas. From here to there – out there, and everywhere.

This is the sound of Danish sampling duo Den Sorte Skole's upcoming album, Indians & Cowboys. An album stitched together by thousands of samples from old vinyl records from all corners of the world into a kaleidoscopic musical universe going way beyond confines of genre and style.

(Und überhaupt Den Sorte Skole: „A 74 LP mix recorded on four turntables and three mixers with favourites like Neil Young, Company Flow and Afrika Bambaataa. 'Lektion # 1' was awarded 'Best Danish Hip Hop album of 2005' by the leading Hip Hop magazine in Denmark“.)

OMG JAPAN: Rare & Experimental Japanese Pop (1980 - 1989): Der Titel ist selbsterklärend, hier die Tracklist und Info: „This is a mix of Japanese pop songs, most of them with a synth funk backbone. The most exciting aspect of this era of music, though, is how unafraid these musicians were to push the limits of genre: They loved Van Dyke Parks, Kraftwerk and Martin Denny, but they were never confined by any one sound, nor were they afraid to poke fun at western constructs of the 'oriental' or Japanese fascinations with Western cultural novelties.“

Naja, und zu Dan Deacon muss man hoffentlich nicht viele Worte verlieren. Hier sein Synth Hero Mix für Dazed: „Currently touring American in his "vantastic" school bus (which runs on vegetable oil), this Synth Hero mix showcases everythig from synth country remixes of Missy Elliot to the noise rock of Mindflayer and everything inbetween.“

Bonustrack: Justin Pearson/Gabe Serbian - Incompresa. Ganz fieses Brett.