BBC Ghostwatch turned into Poltergeist-Mixtape 👻

Großartiges Mixtape von Black Channels mit Sounds der 90s-Poltergeist-Realityshow Ghostwatch der BBC, gibt's auf Bleep als Downloads und auf Tape, Bandcamp hat noch ein paar der Tracks als Instrumental.

ghostwatch"In every story of things that go bump in the night, there are two possibilities. One, that it's a hoax. Two, that there is something going on beyond the grasp of the human mind".

And so begins 'Two Knocks for Yes', black channels' radiophonic exploration into the poltergeist phenomenon. Mixing real life stories of paranormal activity with otherworldly vibrations and oscillations conjured up on the Buchla Electric Music Box. Following on from their brilliant and well received debut single on Death Waltz Originals, this limited edition cassette continues their preoccupation with other worlds, parallel dimensions and the dark tapestry of the imagination. Chilling accounts of nocturnal visitations and strange activity in the most mundane of suburban surroundings echo in and out of focus alongside electronic manifestations and tape manipulations in this 26 minute experimental radio collage.

Und apropos Soundcollagen: Das Internet Archive hat 941 Episoden von Negativlands Over the Edge-Radioshow online gestellt.