Dude braininterfaces himself

Phil Kennedy ist ein Pionier auf dem Gebiet invasiver Brain-Computer-Interfaces, konnte bereits vor 10 Jahren imaginierte Sounds hörbar machen und einen durch Schlaganfall gelähmten Mann einfache Worte sagen lassen. Als ihm dann die Mittel ausgingen und keine neuen bewilligt wurden, ließ er sich im letzten Jahr dann selbst ein Brain-2-Computer-Interface einsetzen und die Erkenntnisse daraus könnten sich als bahnbrechend herausstellen: To Study the Brain, a Doctor Puts Himself Under the Knife.

brainimplant_3x299Last year, Kennedy, a 67-year-old neurologist and inventor, did something unprecedented in the annals of self-experimentation. He paid a surgeon in Central America $25,000 to implant electrodes into his brain in order to establish a connection between his motor cortex and a computer. […] Kennedy began to toil largely alone in his speech lab, recording his neurons as he repeated 29 phonemes (such as e, eh, a, o, u, and consonants like ch and j) out loud, and then silently imagined saying them. He did the same with about 290 short words such as “Dale” and “plum.” There were also phrases to speak: “Hello, world,” “Which private firm,” and “The joy of a jog makes a boy say wow.”

Kennedy says his early findings are “extremely encouraging.” He says he determined that different combinations of the 65 neurons he was recording from consistently fired every time he spoke certain sounds aloud, and also fired when he imagined speaking them—a relationship that is potentially key to developing a thought decoder for speech. At UCSF, Chang says that Kennedy may have learned something new.

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