Algorithmic Presidential Candidates Debate

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Fusion hat ein paar Bots auf die amerikanischen Präsidentschaftskandidaten der Republikaner trainiert (und einen auf die Moderatoren) und in einer Algo-Debatte gegeneinander antreten lassen: Presidential candidates are robots, so we built 11 bots and held our own GOP debate, hier das ganze Transkript

trumpEach of the 11 bots is based on one of the main Republican contenders, with an extra bot that combines the moderators from CNN, Fox News, and CNBC. The bots mix and match together all the words and phrases candidates have said in previous debates, in attempts to form a complete sentence. […]

MODERATOR: We'll be joined tonight by some of CNBC's top experts on the previous debate tonight will accept the Republican party's nomination.
MODERATOR: Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.
BUSH: We need to make sure that other people might have done it, and all that.
MODERATOR: Doctor Ben Carson.
CARSON: And we have an opportunity to explore those areas, and I'm talking about.
MODERATOR: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
CHRISTIE: And, what we would be willing to fight for.
MODERATOR: Texas Senator Ted Cruz.
CRUZ: Well, I've been leading the fight in the Oval Office, and the Mensheviks.
MODERATOR: Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.
FIORINA: One has something to do anything to solve the problem.
MODERATOR: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.
HUCKABEE: Just today & just today, there was a little kid, we eradicated it.
MODERATOR: Ohio Governor John Kasich.
KASICH: We've got to work.
MODERATOR: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.
PAUL: Often we talk about Fed policy and how it relates to the debt ceiling raise.
MODERATOR: Florida Senator Marco Rubio.
RUBIO: We also need to get back to training people in this country, they never could.
MODERATOR: And Mr. Donald Trump.
TRUMP: We have to speak English.

Bonustrack: Map of the World according to Donald Trump.

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