+1°C achieved 😎

144709275425923Well done, world! „Met Office data for 2015 so far shows that, for the first time, global mean temperature at the Earth's surface is set to reach 1 °C above pre-industrial levels. This represents an important marker as the world continues to warm due to human influence.“ Meanwhile, at the World Bank: „As many as 100 million people could slide into extreme poverty because of rising temperatures, which are caused by greenhouse gas emissions, the World Bank report said.“

Von Motherboard:

So we’re halfway to hell, or, rather, nearly halfway.

“It’s important to keep in mind that this is just a single individual year, subject to the usual random fluctuations, so it isn’t really quite yet a measure of the true shifting baseline,” Mann told me. “That having been said, it is a frightening reminder that we’re nearing the 2˚C “dangerous limit”, particularly given that another 0.5˚C of warming (as the climate catches up to the carbon we’ve already emitted) is almost certainly in the pipeline.”