Blokowice: Brutalist Katowice Papercraft



Neue Brutalistische Architektur zum ausschneiden und selberbasteln von Zupagrafika, diesmal mit kattowitzer Betonklumpen aus Papier. Hier in deren Shop für Vierfuffzich pro Bastelbogen – bei 6 verschiedenen Bögen, also 27 Euro für das komplette Set –, der das ganze papierbrutalistische Dings auf Behance: Blokowice. Awesome stuff.


A collection of paper cut-out models representing 1960s-1980s modernist and brutalist architecture of Katowice, capital of Upper Silesian Industrial Region (Poland). The series features: iconic buildings to be found in the city centre (Spodek, Superjednostka), prefab blocks from the outskirts (Osiedle Odrodzenia), a charactersitic star-shaped estate (Osiedle Gwiazdy), as well as the controversial brutalist building of Katowice railway station demolished in 2011. To celebrate the unique character of Katowice, we also include a bonus of a postindustrial pit-shaft model. The collection is made up of six illustrated models to assemble and exhibits all kinds of original details present on the facades. The whole set is printed on recycled paper and cardboard, and includes a short technical note on the architects, year of construction and exact location of each building.