I'm an Idiot: How push Creativity thru Frustration, Darkness, Phobias and Anxiety

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Großartiger Vortrag von Zeichnerin Lisa Hanawalt, die mit entwaffnender Ehrlichkeit über ihren Kreativ-Prozess und von ihrer Inspiration in Ängsten, Phobien und Frustration erzählt. Der Vortrag ist tatsächlich sowas wie eine seriöse Antithese zu sämtlichem Motivationcrap, den man sonst so findet („You can do it“). I think I found a new hero.

Part of the Solution if for me is letting myself feel like shit. That's part of my process. Most of my Art-Projects are either inspired by Anxiety and negative Emotions or they are a release of Anxiety.

One day I was walking around New York City, feeling really frustrated and angry with myself for procrastinating on yet another project and I started saying to myelf: 'Do it. Dooo it. Come on. Just fucking goddamn doit and be fucking done with it already' […] And I thought, that's so messed up, that I can't say that without immediately thinking about Nike, like, they claim this superuseful Phrase and they robbed me of that space in my brain, forever. (I'm a hypocrite because I'm wearing Nikes right now, they are my favorite!) […]

Recorded in September 2015 at XOXO, an experimental festival celebrating independently produced art and technology in Portland, Oregon.

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