Possible, Plausible, Potential: Generative Architectural Drawings


Miguel Nóbrega generiert architektonische Strukturen mit Code und gibt sie mit Markern auf einem Plotter aus. Die Possible Structures gefallen mir am besten, die Plausible Spaces und Potential Sculptures sehen aber grade in den Detailansichten fast noch besser aus. Toll!

Von Creative Applications:

The drawings were created using Processing and printed [via] vinyl cutter machine or a CNC milling machine, depending on their size. In his code, Miguel defines the objects as graphic representations of simple architectural elements such as walls, floor, columns, stairs etc. Every time the code runs, the elements instantiate with new randomly generated properties and are arranged in a unique composed structure. Because the drawings are actually made by markers on paper, this brings tactile quality to the work. In addition to generative software, Miguel has also created specific patterns for each architectural element. The drawings use a maximum of seven different colors, but the overlapping and combination of them creates nuances of color from a distant view, and a complexity of textures from a closer look.