Logiplaces: Beton-Puzzles aus Geodaten

Schönes Spielzeug von Logideez: Beton-Puzzles in Form von Landschaften und Städten, generiert mit ’nem 3D-Drucker aus Geodaten.

logiLOGIPLACES is a 16 or 36-piece puzzle made of concrete, that enables you to take home a piece of memory you made at any place in the world. This one-of-a-kind tabletop sculpture will help you see your surroundings in a new perspective.

The inspiration to create LOGIPLACES came when working for the What-to-print-in-3D design competition. This is the competition they eventually won with the prize of getting their own 3D printer from Freedee, a Makerbot Replicator 2. This is the machine they use to create the samples for the moulds with a 100 micron resolution. The long-term goal of the LOGIPLACES team is to create a product that can be completely custom-made to represent any chosen place, one with a great memory, someone’s hometown or a company’s headquarters and its surroundings. As a first step, there are 4 different types of products: Grand Canyon, Zermatt in the Alps, Budapest and San Francisco.