Tripping Twitter-Bot spins out of Control

Shardcores neuer Twitter-Bot wurde per Neural Network auf die Drogenberichte von Erowid trainiert. Das Teil fängt jeden Abend um 6 Uhr an sich zuzuballern und wird dann im Laufe des Abends immer weirder und halluziniert am Ende seine ganze Artificial Weirdness in die Timeline. Erinnert mich an jemanden, komm’ grade nich’ auf den Namen.


MARTA (Meta. Aphoric. Recurrent. Tripping. Algopoet) starts taking drugs at 6pm each day, and then reports on its mental state intermittently over the next 6 hours. As the evening progresses, the bot takes more drugs and becomes more intoxicated, which is reflected in the (in)choherence of the reports it delivers. This reaches a peak at midnight, when the reports cease until it begins again at 6pm the next day.

Part of @trippingbot is a based on a Character Level Recurrent Neural Network – an artificial learning system that learns text by looking at one letter at a time and trying to predict what letter comes next. The Network has been trained on Erowid drug reports.

Der Mann hat neulich auch einen recht spannenden Talk über „Algo Culture“ gehalten: Release The Wasps.