Someone stood there and braided tentacles into her hair. Someone did that.

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Cephalopod Hairthing. ‏@ShadeyBangs: „Someone stood there and braided tentacles into her hair. Someone did that.“



Vazrick Nazari hat eine neue Motten-Art nach ihren goldenen Locken nach dem Orange-Typen benannt: A Researcher Turned This Moth Into…

Invertierte Arsch-Herzfrisuren für Walisische Corgis

„So a friend saw the pic on the left and told her groomer she wanted a heart on her Corgi's…

How To make Poop-Emoji-Hair

Superdeluxe mit einem Videotutorial für die ultimative Kackfrisur:

Hidden Rainbow Hair ❤️💜💛💚💙

„Hidden Rainbow Hair for shy People who are bold Inside“

Prince' yellow Guitar sells for drölfthousand Bucks. David Bowies Hair, too

Die haben Prince’ knallgelbe Gitarre für ziemlich viel Geld versteigert: „The instrument, which the singer played both during studio sessions…

Cthulhu Priestess Figure

Großartige Figur von Julian Briones: Cthulhu Priestess: Our Lady of Squid. (via Toy Chronicle)

Shawshank Redemption remade with Tentacles

Inky the Octopus had enough: „An octopus has made a brazen escape from the national aquarium in New Zealand by…


Die neueste Version eines Octobots aus Italien: Octopus-Inspired Robots Can Grasp, Crawl, and Swim: The researchers built another octopus-inspired bot…

Song Wig

Stupid but lol: „Song Wig is a hairpiece of cords and earbuds. Earbuds at the tips of the “hair strands”…

Questions raised by „racist“ Hair-Search-Algorithms

Great Points by Leigh Alexander regarding the „racist“ Google Image-Algorithm and the search results for „unprofessional/professional hair“. (On those last…

Victorian Wig-Maker

Nettes Browsertoy vom Victoria and Albert Museum: Mit Design A Wig kann man Marie Antoinette-Poufs zusammenklicken. Und das Teil ist…