Andy Kaufmans Hologram returns from the Dead

Andy Kaufman wird tatsächlich von den Toten wieder auferstehen. Als Hologram. Die Technik ist natürlich spätestens nach Tupac auf dem Coachella-Festival oder den Hologram-Gigs der Gorillaz (ganz zu schweigen von Hatsune Miku) ein alter Hut, im Fall von Andy Kaufman ist das dank seines angeblichen Death-Hoax nochmal eher speziell.

kaufmanshoopIn what's becoming a burgeoning industry for deceased celebrities, the holograms of comedians Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx will go on tour next year. Each comic's estate agreed to terms with Hologram USA to create a stage show based on their classic routines, with each virtual performance setting up "residencies in multiple locations in tourist-oriented cities across the country," Hologram USA founder Alki David told the New York Times.

"Who knew that the persistent rumors that Andy Kaufman would return from death would come true," David, who previously teamed with Chief Keef for a series of hologram performances, said in a statement. "We have the opportunity to resurrect him and present his genius with the same vitality and joy that his first audiences experienced 40 years ago."