Sudoku-induced Seizures

Ein junger Mann hat nach einem Ski-Unfall epileptische Anfälle während des Lösens von Sudokus entwickelt. Im Paper steht, dass er sich zur Lösung von Sudokus die Zahlenreihen dreidimensional vorstellt, die Anfälle werden auch durch Sorting von Zufallszahlen ausgelöst. Numbers are weird.

The 25-year-old right-handed physical education student was buried in an avalanche during a skiing holiday, as a result of which his brain was deprived of oxygen for some 15 minutes. […] Several weeks later, while trying to solve Sudoku puzzles, he developed clonic seizures in his left arm. […] In this case, the seizures stopped immediately when the patient stopped solving the Sudoku puzzle. He also experienced similar seizures when performing other visuo-spatial tasks, such as sorting random numbers into ascending order, but not when he read a book, wrote something down, or did calculations.

Guardian: Sudoku-induced epileptic seizures
Paper: Seizures From Solving Sudoku Puzzles