Malkovich does Plato

Extrem interessantes Projekt vom Herrn Malkovich: „Composer Eric Alexandrakis had an idea for an album: Get acting legend John Malkovich to read Plato's Cave Allegory over some original ambient music, and then send the results to a bunch of musicians to remix and reinterpret Malkovich's voice. The result is Like a Puppet Show, which is out on vinyl for Record Store Day's Black Friday event on November 27.“

You never know what will happen with something that you put out in space—into the ether. So yeah, there’s always an element of surprise, I suppose, but, I mean, I think that’s quite a good thing. I was kept abreast of who might be doing the mix and who might not be and everything, but of course I had no idea what they would do with it. So yeah, there was some degree of surprise.

Pitchfork: John Malkovich Talks About His All-Star Remix Album