Vintage Book-Covers, animated

Henning M. Lederer animiert Cover alter Sachbücher.

FastCoDesign hat die Dinger als GIFs exportiert:

infomachinesEspecially in the realm of science literature, there was a golden age of graphic design in the '50s, '60s, and '70s. Notable for its use of abstraction, minimalism, and geometric forms, it was a school of design that owed just as much to Paul Rand as it did Sol LeWitt. Now animation designer is bringing these static covers to life. A designer hailing from Essen, Germany, Lederer's Covers takes 55 vintage covers with titles like Heidegger, Being, And Truth and The Strange Story of the Quantum and animates their bold geometric shapes. Although many of these books are relatively unknown, they all feature bold abstract covers that make them vintage paperback catnip for graphic design nerds.